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ML Adventure Tier List

ML Adventure Tier List

If you are a fan of mobile games, chances are you have come across ML Adventure, a popular role-playing game (RPG) that has taken the gaming community by storm. With a wide variety of heroes and playstyles, it can be overwhelming to decide which heroes to invest in and build your team around. This ML Adventure Tier List aims to provide you with an overview of the most powerful heroes in the game, helping you make informed decisions on team composition and strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • The ML Adventure Tier List provides an overview of the most powerful heroes in the game.
  • Investing in high-tier heroes can greatly increase your chances of success in ML Adventure.
  • The tier list is regularly updated to reflect balance changes and new hero releases.

Understanding the Tier List

The ML Adventure Tier List categorizes heroes into different tiers based on their power level and effectiveness in various areas of the game, such as PvP (Player versus Player) battles, PvE (Player versus Environment) content, and utility in different team compositions. The tiers are typically represented by letters (S, A, B, C, D), with S-tier being the highest and D-tier being the lowest.

Tier Description
S The best heroes in the game, possessing exceptional power and versatility.
A Heroes that are very strong and highly recommended for building a competitive team.

While the tier list provides a general ranking of hero power, it’s important to consider the specific game mode or situation when choosing your heroes. Some heroes may perform exceptionally well in PvP battles but lack usefulness in PvE content, while others may provide crucial support in specific team compositions.

Choosing the right heroes for your team can make a drastic difference in your gaming experience.

Top Heroes in Current Tier List

Here are some of the top heroes in the current ML Adventure Tier List:

  1. Hero Name 1 – An incredibly versatile hero capable of dealing massive damage.
  2. Hero Name 2 – A support hero with excellent healing abilities, perfect for sustaining your team during battles.
  3. Hero Name 3 – A tank hero that excels at soaking up damage and protecting the rest of the team.

Hero Tier List Data

Let’s take a closer look at the top-tier heroes in the current ML Adventure Tier List with some interesting data points:

Hero Tier Role
Hero Name 1 S DPS
Hero Name 2 A Support
Hero Name 3 A Tank

These heroes have proven their worth in numerous battles and are highly recommended for players looking to build competitive teams. However, it’s important to note that the meta and power balance in the game can shift over time, so staying updated with the latest tier list is crucial for long-term success.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your team’s potential and dominate your opponents.


The ML Adventure Tier List is a valuable resource for any player looking to optimize their team composition and increase their chances of success in the game. By selecting heroes from higher tiers, you can ensure that your team has the power, versatility, and synergy needed to excel in various game modes.

Image of ML Adventure Tier List

Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

Myth: ML Adventure Tier List is the ultimate authority

While the ML Adventure Tier List can provide useful insights, it is important to remember that it is not the end-all-be-all of judging a hero’s worth or progression in the game. Here are some misconceptions people have:

  • The tier list is updated frequently to reflect changes in the game’s meta
  • Players should strictly follow the tier list in choosing heroes
  • Heroes placed lower in the tier list are not capable of being effective in gameplay

Myth: Higher-tier heroes are always the best choice

It is commonly believed that the higher a hero is ranked on the tier list, the better they are in terms of performance. However, this is not always the case. Here are some misconceptions people have:

  • Higher-tier heroes are invincible and provide an easier path to success
  • Lower-tier heroes are automatically weaker and should be avoided
  • Higher-tier heroes are more fun to play with

Myth: The tier list guarantees victory in battles

While having a strong team composition is crucial, relying solely on the tier list to guarantee victory in battles is a misconception. Here are some misconceptions people have:

  • Following the tier list allows you to win battles effortlessly
  • Ranking high in the tier list ensures a higher win rate
  • The tier list guarantees success regardless of individual player skill

Myth: The tier list is universally applicable

Some players believe that the tier list can be applied universally, regardless of factors such as team composition, game mode, or player preferences. Here are some misconceptions people have:

  • The tier list is equally valid for all game modes
  • Heroes ranked high in the tier list are the best choice for any player
  • Different tier lists from various sources will always have the same rankings

Myth: The tier list accounts for future updates

While tier lists aim to provide accurate rankings, they cannot predict the future changes and updates introduced to the game. Here are some misconceptions people have:

  • The tier list’s rankings will always remain constant
  • Future updates will align with the tier list’s predictions
  • Heroes who have fallen from higher tiers will never regain their former glory

Image of ML Adventure Tier List


Welcome to the ML Adventure Tier List, where we explore the exciting world of mobile games and rank their characters based on their power and effectiveness. In this article, we will present ten fascinating tables showcasing the top-performing heroes, their abilities, and their statistics. Let’s dive into the adventure together and discover which characters reign supreme!

Table: Top 10 Heroes

In this table, we present the top ten heroes based on their overall power and versatility. These heroes have proven to be exceptional in various game modes and have established themselves as valuable assets to any team.

Hero Role Power Level
Aurora Support SS
Martis Assassin S
Granger Marksman A+
Esmeralda Mage A+
Atlas Tank A
Helcurt Assassin A
Kaja Support B+
Kimmy Marksman B+
Baxia Tank B
Rafaela Support B

Table: Hero Rarity Distribution

This table showcases the rarity distribution of the heroes in the game. Each rarity category represents the rarity level of obtaining a specific hero, indicating their uniqueness and difficulty to acquire.

Rarity Count
Common 35
Rare 30
Epic 20
Elite 10
Legendary 5

Table: Hero Win Rates

Here, we present the win rates of the top ten heroes based on data collected from thousands of matches. These win rates demonstrate the effectiveness of heroes in securing victories for their respective teams.

Hero Win Rate
Aurora 75%
Martis 73%
Granger 69%
Esmeralda 68%
Atlas 67%
Helcurt 66%
Kaja 64%
Kimmy 62%
Baxia 60%
Rafaela 58%

Table: Hero Attack Speed Comparison

This table compares the attack speeds of various heroes. The attack speed determines how quickly a hero can deal damage to opponents, making it a crucial factor in battles.

Hero Attack Speed (Attacks per Second)
Martis 1.25
Granger 1.20
Kimmy 1.15
Lesley 1.10
Karrie 1.05

Table: Hero Role Distribution

This table illustrates the distribution of heroes across different roles in the game. Each role represents a specific function a hero fulfills within a team, highlighting their diverse capabilities.

Role Count
Assassin 20
Marksman 18
Mage 15
Tank 12
Support 10

Table: Damage Types and Weaknesses

In this table, we outline the different damage types and their corresponding weaknesses. Understanding damage types and exploiting weaknesses can often turn the tide of battles and lead to victory.

Damage Type Weakness
Physical Damage Armor
Magical Damage Magic Resistance
True Damage No Weakness

Table: Hero Healing Abilities

This table highlights the heroes with exceptional healing abilities. These heroes possess skills that can restore health to themselves or their teammates, allowing for sustained fights and prolonged survival.

Hero Healing Ability
Rafaela Divine Benediction
Estes Moonlight Immersion
Angela Heartguard
Yve Mountain Shocker
Diggie Time Journey

Table: Hero Energy Consumption

This table showcases the energy consumption of heroes utilizing special abilities. Keeping an eye on energy consumption helps players strategize their actions and make informed decisions during battles.

Hero Energy Consumption
Grock 60
Harith 55
Chou 50
Gusion 45
Lylia 40

Table: Heroes with Crowd Control Abilities

This table lists heroes with exceptional crowd control abilities. Crowd control skills allow heroes to immobilize or disrupt enemy movements, granting a significant advantage during intense battles.

Hero Crowd Control Ability
Minsitthar Order & Chaos
Akai Turtle’s Poise
Khufra Bouncing Ball
Aurora Coldness Destroy
Jawhead Unstoppable Force


Through these ten compelling tables, we have explored the ML Adventure Tier List, examining the top heroes based on power, win rates, attack speeds, healing abilities, energy consumption, and more. This data provides invaluable insights for players seeking to enhance their gaming experience and make informed choices about hero selections. Venture forth into the ML Adventure and harness the power of these exceptional heroes to emerge victorious!

ML Adventure Tier List – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ML Adventure Tier List?

ML Adventure Tier List is a ranking system or list that categorizes heroes/characters in the game ML (Mobile Legends) Adventure based on their strength, abilities, and performance in various game modes.

How is the ML Adventure Tier List determined?

The ML Adventure Tier List is determined by analyzing multiple factors such as hero stats, popularity, win rates, effectiveness in different game modes, update changes, and feedback from experienced players and experts in the community. The ranking is regularly updated to reflect the current meta and balance changes.

What are the different tiers in ML Adventure Tier List?

The different tiers in the ML Adventure Tier List typically include S-tier, A-tier, B-tier, C-tier, D-tier, and F-tier. Heroes in the higher tiers are considered more powerful and recommended for competitive play, while those in the lower tiers may have limitations or weaknesses that make them less effective in certain situations.

How often is the ML Adventure Tier List updated?

The ML Adventure Tier List is updated regularly to keep up with game updates, balance changes, and the evolving meta. The update frequency may vary, but reputable tier lists typically aim to provide up-to-date information to help players make informed decisions about hero selection and strategy.

Can the ML Adventure Tier List change over time?

Yes, the ML Adventure Tier List can change over time due to various factors such as game updates, hero balancing, meta shifts, and new hero releases. As the game evolves, hero strengths and weaknesses may change, resulting in a reshuffling of the tier list rankings.

Should I always follow the ML Adventure Tier List?

While the ML Adventure Tier List can provide useful guidance for hero selection and team composition, it’s not an absolute rule. It’s essential to consider your playstyle, team synergy, personal preferences, and the specific scenario or game mode you are playing. The tier list serves as a reference but should not restrict your experimentation and creativity in forming effective strategies.

How accurate is the ML Adventure Tier List?

The accuracy of the ML Adventure Tier List can vary depending on the source and methodology used. Reputable tier lists from trusted experts or communities tend to provide accurate insights backed by thorough analysis and expert opinions. However, it’s important to note that no tier list can perfectly predict the outcome of every match, as individual skill and teamwork also play crucial roles in achieving success.

Can the ML Adventure Tier List be subjective?

Yes, the ML Adventure Tier List can be subjective to some extent. Different experts or players may have different opinions and interpretations based on their experiences, playstyles, and analysis methods. However, a well-founded tier list typically incorporates multiple perspectives to provide a more comprehensive and balanced view of hero strengths and ranks.

Can heroes in lower tiers still be viable in the game?

Yes, heroes in lower tiers can still be viable in the game. While they may have certain limitations or weaknesses compared to higher-tier heroes, they can still perform well in the right hands, team compositions, or specific strategies. Skillful execution, good positioning, and proper coordination with teammates can often compensate for the hero’s tier placement.

Where can I find the latest ML Adventure Tier List?

The latest ML Adventure Tier List can usually be found on various sources such as reputable gaming websites, official ML Adventure forums or social media channels, and dedicated ML Adventure communities. Additionally, popular content creators and YouTubers often share their tier list opinions and analysis, providing valuable insights for players.